What is Qigong?


Have you ever wondered if there was a wonderful method to cultivate your well-being, harmonize your mind and body while awakening your senses to the inner and outer energy that animates life? Discover a captivating practice that promises a true adventure for the body, mind, and soul.

Qigong (pronounced “Chee-Kung”) dates back thousands of years and was used as a form of exercise to enhance physical endurance, mental clarity, and spiritual growth. The word combines two terms: “Qi” and “Gong.” The “Qi” part refers to this inner energy or life force, while “Gong” refers to the practice, skill, or discipline. Collectively, they symbolize the refinement of this life force to balance and harmonize the body and mind.

Now, imagine yourself performing gentle and fluid movements, breathing deeply, and engaging in meditation and visualization. All of this is Qigong in its simplicity. It’s like learning to dance with our own life force! It is said that this energy flows through our body along pathways called meridians, which are like invisible paths where “Qi” travels, and any hindrance or blockage to the flow of this energy can cause imbalances, both physical and emotional.

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The beauty of Qigong lies in its goal of smoothly circulating this “Qi,” removing obstacles to help our body heal naturally and feel good. Regularly practicing Qigong has incredible benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety by calming our mind and releasing physical tensions. The slow and graceful movements improve our flexibility, balance, and coordination, synchronized with specific breathing techniques to oxygenate the body and increase our energy.

Qigong has also been associated with benefits such as strengthening our immune system, regulating blood pressure, and even improving the quality of sleep. Moreover, it can help us effectively manage pain and recover more quickly from illness. Beyond the physical aspects, Qigong teaches us the art of “going with the flow,” fostering greater mindfulness and presence, which, in turn, enhances our mental and emotional resilience in the face of life’s many challenges.

In summary, Qigong invites us to develop a deep relationship with ourselves. It teaches us to listen to the subtle signals emitted by our body and mind. Through its gentle, fluid, and harmonious movements, conscious breathing, and soothing meditation, Qigong allows us to prevent issues by adjusting our inner energies. In an, often, tumultuous world, this ancient Chinese practice emerges as a source of balance and tranquility, a faithful friend in our quest for lasting harmony.

Pleased to meet you!


I’m your Certified Qigong Instructor, Gabriella A. Dardai

When I was in my late fifties, I needed a solution for back pain and stress and I wanted one that would continue to serve me as I aged. I found – then fell in love with – Qigong. Along with my regular practice and courses, I turn to Qigong whenever I need a moment of inner peace. It feels good to know that I can slip away for a quick Qigong break anywhere, whether I’m in jeans, yoga pants, or even a party dress.

In 2018, I became a certified Qigong instructor from Holden Qigong so that more people can benefit from these techniques. The best part of teaching is my students sharing how my classes have helped them find new levels of calm and wellbeing in their lives.

I started GabriellaCHI to bring this gentle yet powerful practice to people in the South Shore/ Châteauguay Valley area and beyond.

Let me help you regain your energy!

Proven over millenia

Proven over millennia

Qigong, which is based in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has been practiced for over 4000 years. Its origins date back to the Yellow Emperor (2696–2598 BCE), making Qigong 2,000 years older than Confucius.


Enjoy a deep, satisfying breath

It’s easier to breathe well when your body and mind are aligned. Qigong improves breathing by both strengthening the lungs and calming the nervous system.


Hurry up and relax!

Qigong isn’t a magic chill button, but it’s the closest thing we know of! Just ten minutes of Qigong practice calms anxiety and releases physical tension.


Just what the doctor ordered

Even today in China it’s a common practice to prescribe specific Qigong exercises for patients in hospitals, whatever their illness, in order to help them heal well and recover faster.

90% of your energy comes from your breath


Oxygen is vital for every single one of our cells and functions. The more oxygen we can integrate, the more energy we have. Qigong helps us breathe deep for more energy.


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