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Duration: 20 minutes

#173 (Yin-Yang)

This routine will help lighten your mood and keep your spirit peaceful. The flows are focused on emotional balance.

#172 (Yin-Yang)

This weeks routine is focused on improving overall joint health, excellent way to improve suppleness followed by flows to calm and become more present.

#171 (Yin-Yang)

This week’s routine emphasizes deep breathing and letting go with flows that focus on replenishing the body, mind and spirit.

#170 (Yin-Yang)

This weeks routine improves the quality and effectiveness of your breathing to activate your healing potential and strengthen your immune system. An excellent way to recover from a cold and even help you avoid them all together.

#169 (Yin)

Enjoy this gentle routine to keep your spine moving even when it’s feeling sore, plus it is a great routine to help you relax and calm the mind.

#168 (Yin)

This week the focus is on deep focused breathing to strengthen the energy of your lungs. Excellent routine to calm the mind, and bring your attention inward.

#167 (Yin-Yang)

Enjoy this routine to de-stress, stretch and focus on your intentions for the new year.

#166 (Yang)

This week’s routine is all about cultivate harmony and balance to start your day with flows to help you clear out the mental clutter in order to move into a new year without yesterday’s baggage.

#165 (Yin-Yang)

An excellent routine to ground and center your energies after a busy holiday period. Flows are focused on expanding your awareness in the present moment.

#164 (Yin-Yang)

This weeks routine welcomes the spirit of winter with gentle movements that encourage restoration and well-being.

#163 (Yin-Yang)

Excellent routine to stretch your spine, expand your breath and clear your mind. Flows like “baby bird learns to fly” to reclaim the present moment.

#162 (Yin-Yang)

Excellent routine to soothe and release unnecessary emotional stress and flows to lighten your heart with feelings of joy.

#161 (Yin-Yang)

An excellent routine to improve overall balance and right left coordination. The flows focus on detachment through expanded perspective.

#160 (Yang)

Start your day with this morning routine that’s sure to get you feeling energized, smiling and ready to take on the day! You can also get the benefit of this routine in the afternoon..

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